Ariel Pearce & Kostas Chalikias

Expedition Guide Coordinators, Greece

Growing up in Greece fueled Kostas’ passion for Greek history and culture and led him to Heidelberg where he obtained his PhD in Bronze Age Archaeology. Ariel also grew up loving the history and mythology of Greece, and she is currently writing her PhD at Temple University. Ariel and Kostas met on the island of Crete while excavating a Bronze Age site. Since then, the couple has traveled all throughout Greece and is thrilled to collaborate with Chill Expeditions to bring their passion for eco-immersion to American students.

Manuel (“Quique”) Moya

Expedition Guide Coordinator, Costa Rica and Belize

A lover of nature and traveling, Quique has a B.A. in Sustainable Tourism and is working to complete his M.A. in Project Management, which combines his passions of bird watching, photography, hiking and exercising. Quique joined Chill Expeditions in 2007 and truly believes in the life changing experiences afforded to students through educational travel, the story approach and community service.

Sam Oziel

Expedition Guide Coordinator, Spain

Sam has been running Chill Expeditions’ Spanish Immersion program in southern Spain for 13 years. Originally from France but with Spanish origins, he lived and studied in the US before he began leading expeditions and diving missions around the word. Sam has worked on expeditions for Jean Michel Cousteau and has been a sea survival and helicopter crash survival instructor for the US Army and Navy. Sam is an avid traveler and enjoys exploring and discovering new cultures.

Dario Fernandez

Expedition Reservations and Office Assistant

Dario was born in a small beach community surrounded by mountains, where he spent his childhood exploring rivers, enjoying beautiful sunsets and taking in views of Golfo de Nicoya. He loves the nature and culture of Costa Rica and is proud to share these wonderful treasures with trip participants. Dario loves traveling with his friends and spending time with his family. He has a degree in Ecotourism.

Gretchen Ferrell

Expedition Planning Guide

After earning a BBA in International Business, Gretchen spent several years adventuring in Lake Tahoe before moving to Costa Rica. There, she helped establish the Sustainable Solutions Caravan, which traveled Central America teaching about sustainable living techniques. She joined the Chill Expeditions team in 2005, taking a brief hiatus to start another non-profit, Beaches Local Food Network, to address the need in her community for greater access to local food. Gretchen spends part of the year in North Carolina and the remainder homesteading with her husband and young daughter on an off-the-grid farm in Costa Rica.

Cristina Solis

Expedition Reservations and Community Service Coordinator

Cristina is from a small community in the foothills of the Braulio Carrillo National Park. Adopting her passion for travel from her parents, she resided in Guanacaste for 10 years, where she studied Ecoturism and worked for several sustainable tourism institutions. She has extensive experience in the development of environmental education projects that involve and benefit local schools and communities. She believes than a “hands on” educational system marks the difference in the learning process of students. Cristina enjoys traveling, movies and unique cuisine.

Marlen Rojas Montero

Expedition Reservations Manager

A true nature lover, Marlen is always trying to make a difference for herself and the people around her. She has traveled extensively in her beloved native country of Costa Rica and is always eager to learn more about conservation efforts. Marlen has a degree in Ecotourism and is in the final stages of an advanced degree in management and protection of natural resources. She has more than 10 years of experience working in various areas of the tourism industry. Marlen loves to travel, watch movies and spend time with her family.

Ana Lam Yen

Expedition Finance Coordinator

Ana was born in Cuba, but she has adopted Costa Rica as her second home. Since the moment she arrived, she fell in love with the country and its people. She especially admires the Arenal Volcano and Corcovado National Park areas. Ana has a degree in Business Administration and Tourism Management and 15 years of experience working in various administrative areas of the tourism industry. She loves reading and solving crossword puzzles, and she has a passion for baking and cake decorating. She likes to spend time with her family and travel as much as she can.

Mike Budd

Expedition Development Director

Mike is an explorer. He has canoed the Allagash River, hiked the coastal mountains of County Donegal, admired the view of Cape Town from the summit of Table Mountain, trekked through the Kingdom of Mustang, worked as a ranch hand in New South Wales and sailed from New Zealand to Fiji. It’s the uniquely educational and human component of a Chill Expedition that Mike is especially proud to represent. As a husband, father, coach and athlete, Mike is in perpetual motion. He will however pause for sushi, bacon, fried plantains, mint chocolate chip ice cream and a pint of Guinness.

Beatrice McQuiston

Expedition Communications Associate

Inspired by her father’s adventurous spirit, Beatrice has always seen travel as a way to gain new perspectives. While she was completing a B.A. in Marketing and Communications, she began working for Chill Expeditions. What began as a learning experience gradually became a dedication, and she discovered that a career in educational travel was the perfect way to combine her passions. In her spare time, she coaches a girl’s lacrosse team and adds to the 500+ photos of her beloved dog, Toby.

Audrey Ziomek

International Operations Manager / Expedition Planning Guide

Audrey first travelled with Chill Expeditions as a student, and later returned as a chaperone. After graduating with a B.A. in Biological Anthropology, Audrey worked with NGOs in Peru, El Salvador and Honduras. She later received her M.A. in Environmental Studies and wrote her thesis on Chill Expeditions’ Story Approach teaching method. Audrey believes that educational adventures that challenge students can be life changing experiences. She feels that Chill Expeditions’ emphasis on community service and sustainable solutions can help travelers take positive action in their home communities. She loves travel, music and exploring new places.

Carolyne Totherow

Expedition Development Coordinator and Planning Guide

Carolyne was a teacher for more than ten years before joining the Chill Expeditions team. She brings with her varied experience in the educational field having taught or coached in almost every grade level, and also has years of experience as a residential camp counselor and camp director. Carolyne believes that the best part about a Chill Expedition is the bonds that form among the group members and the change in perspective that happens for travelers. Carolyne enjoys meeting new people, sports of all kinds and time with her family.

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