In each of our destinations, Chill Expeditions has absolutely the best guides in the business, and our clients testify to this time and again. 

We have noticed a pattern: they all come back raving about their guide/s, who took care of their every need, helped them jump on last minute opportunities, educated, navigated, pointed out, smoothed their way, and eventually became a trusted friend. Our guides are absolutely passionate about sharing their country and they are trained to be educators, not just fact-givers. Our guides are committed to Chill Expeditions because of the high educational standards we uphold, and the continual professional training we provide for them to ensure that our Story Approach and Expedition Mentality are practiced with expertise. As well, safety is paramount on every Chill Expedition. We run a Wilderness First Aid training session annually for our guides and they are trained to assess and resolve safety issues in any given situation or environment. Their devotion and passion for their home, their country, and their job is tangible, and often leaves a feeling of inspiration long after the trip is over.

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