One of the questions that we often get from teachers is: do you work with middle schools?  The answer: yes!  We love working with middle school students and embrace the special challenges and opportunities that traveling with this age group provides. An experiential learning program can have especially profound effects on younger, pre-teen students.  As any middle school teacher knows, middle school encompasses years of exponential growth on all levels.  Taking students outside the classroomRead More
            We know that planning a student trip can be a daunting prospect. That’s why we want to make it as easy as possible for you. Here is an infographic with the step by step process – including a timeline – on how to plan a student trip with us. We hope you find it useful.                               Read More
  Here is a Cuban cookie recipe for a new treat to leave Santa this Christmas! We hope you enjoy them, because we can’t stop eating them! Ingredients: – 150 g butter or margarine, room temperature – 130 g (1 ¼ cup) powdered sugar, sifted – 3 egg yolks – 1 teaspoon vanilla  – 1/4 teaspoon salt – 250 g (approx. 2 ¼ cup) all-purpose flour.   – Guava jelly 1-In the bowl of aRead More
Here is a way you can expand your comfort zone this holiday season! Try your hand at this typical winter dish hailing from Southern Spain. Here is what you need: Ingredients 5 lb. of fresh monkfish 14 ounces of onions 1/2 lb. of clams 5oz of white wine 5oz of fish stock or fumet 5 ounces of wheat flour 2 garlic cloves a bunch of fresh parsley virgin olive oil salt and cayenne pepper Serves:Read More
Getting students out of the classroom and into the field, when done right, can leave an enduring educational impact. This is why global programs exist! And while the intrepid teachers who travel with school programs are rightly focused on the student outcome, there are many ways that engaging experiential learning travel can have positive and profound effects on teachers as well. When a teacher is supported, prepared, and engaged during student trips, she can reapRead More
           How to manage technology and connectivity while traveling is one of the most important, and constantly shifting, aspects of a student travel experience.  When improperly managed or planned for, technology use – cell phones, internet, and social media, can actually ruin an otherwise great experiential learning expedition. When carefully planned out and communicated, technology use can be an asset to the trip.  We have seen many approaches- from unlimited techRead More

Mike in Cleveland

Dear Educator, I’ll be nearby next week, from Wednesday (9/19) through Friday (9/21), visiting neighboring schools, meeting with educators, sharing our story, and exchanging ideas on a robust student travel experience. If interested, I’d be happy to do the same at your school. Simply respond with a day and time that works for you. A Chill Expedition isn’t a vacation. It’s a journey to discover cultures, customs, people and foods, and the biodiversity and ecosystems of our shared world. Our guides don’tRead More
  There is an easy way to tell if your group had a great trip, it’s at the end when you all have the same exact feeling that you wished it wasn’t over.  Our ten-day immersion adventure in Ecuador was filled with unique opportunities to meet local people and explore deep into the wooded and natural wonders of the highland cloud forest; among our favorite opportunity was staying in our tree house accommodation at Bella VistaRead More
It’s a Wednesday morning in Kooper Muelle School in La Fortuna, located northwest of the Central Valley in Costa Rica. It’s a cloudy and humid day, but that doesn’t slow down the St. Anne’s School students who know that their work, dedication, and every drop of their sweat will thrill the local kids, as they build a playground!   We work closely with many schools in Costa Rica, and this year we decided to takeRead More

Love and Learning in Southern Appalachia

By Mike Budd On June 26th, fifteen family members ranging from 8 years old to 80 years old descended on Burnsville, North Carolina, on the edge of the Pisgah National Forest, 35 miles northeast of Asheville. We gathered to celebrate my father-in-law’s 80th birthday, expedition style. No, not your typical birthday party, but for this active and curious group, a five day adventure unlike any other. I could tell you about the delightful bed andRead More