My name is Marlen, but I prefer to be called Mar, and I have been working for Chill Expeditions for the past 6 years of my life! I never lasted so long in the same company as none of them made me feel inspired that I was creating experiences that were life changing to either travelers and – or communities. I love traveling. I am really passionate about getting to know other countries; their culture, wildlife, foodRead More
Yesterday I went to my first ever photography workshop. I went with the same feeling which I went with to my first day of kindergarten (many, many years ago); learning something new is always exciting, but this workshop would be extra special because it will help me to keep memories forever. Traveling is one of my passions. Over the years, I have found out the real reason for my fascination with traveling: I love theRead More
I recently returned from a Cuban Expedition with 32 8th graders from The Philadelphia School. Cuba! Whenever I speak the word, eyes light up and questions start coming. We are so fascinated by Cuba, an intriguing mystery of a country so close to our shores. The questions are often political in nature, understandably, but rarely do you hear conversations about the stunning waterfalls and gorgeous endemic birds. But that is where the spark truly begins,Read More
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What is it that gives our travelers pause? Sometimes it is an indigenous person you get to know who lives so differently and simply, yet has the same universal needs. Other times it is a scientist who is consumingly curious about why spectacularly camouflaged or armored caterpillars do what they do, and has such fun learning each day. Or it might be, after a week on a Chill Expeditions Educational Travel trip, experiencing the wondersRead More
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The following is a guest blog by Eric Karlan, the co-founder of Ivy Experience, a college prep company serving the Greater Philadelphia region. He graduated from the University of Pennsylvania in 2009 with an individualized Bachelors degree in Journalism, History, and Culture. Eric has been widely published as a freelance writer in newspapers and magazines across the country. Eric can be reached via email at or via It goes without saying that high school students mustRead More
Creating a family vacation that is a success for all members is no easy task. Planning a family trip may take hours and hours of preparation. A key factor in achieving success is the mental attitude applied to all phases of a trip: preparation, travel to and from destinations, and the execution of the trip. At Chill Expeditions we pride ourselves in embodying the idea of Expedition Mentality. The core of this mentality is thatRead More
Many of us have had opportunities in our lives to experience what it feels like to come full circle. It gives us the feeling that all is as it should be, that there is direction in what may seem like a haphazard path in life. I am very fortunate to have this experience working at Chill Expeditions.   I grew up in a small town west of Philadelphia – attended Boston University on a basketballRead More

The Nightly Circle

A tired group of teenagers made their way to the open, thatch roof hut in the jungle. The day was filled with stimulating adventures, with an early start hiking through the rainforest in search of Costa Rica’s finest wildlife, and ending with a cultural exchange at the local school. The only thing on the groups mind was a good night’s rest. A circle forms, naturally, as the group slips into the routine of the nightlyRead More
It was the last full day of the expedition as the group made their way back to San Jose. The students were overwhelmed with the incredible experiences they had behind them and the emotions to come as they geared up to leave Costa Rica. The bus ride was unusually quite for this group as they silently reflected on their favorite moments. Small bursts of laughter interrupted the silence as one student began to reminisce onRead More
In a recent conversation with a fellow teacher, he told me a story about the best laid plans for a field trip with his students that became a complete bust due to lack of preparation. This wasn’t your typical “I forgot to reserve the bus” type of oversight. An experienced educator, he had planned every detail of the experience with his educational goal in mind, he had reserved transportation, arranged all necessary approvals, and evenRead More