Coming full circle, the creation of a Chill Yoga Experience

Many of us have had opportunities in our lives to experience what it feels like to come full circle. It gives Sunset, Guanacasteus the feeling that all is as it should be, that there is direction in what may seem like a haphazard path in life. I am very fortunate to have this experience working at Chill Expeditions.


I grew up in a small town west of Philadelphia – attended Boston University on a basketball scholarship to study sustainability and economic development in Latin America – moved to D.C. where I learned as much as I could about sustainability from the World Bank and tended bar at the Ritz Carlton – moved to San Diego, became a personal trainer and yoga teacher and learned to surf – backpacked through Costa Rica  – moved back to PA, where I was a strength coach at Villanova, taught social studies and traveled to Costa Rica with students at The Episcopal Academy, married my best friend from San Diego, became a mother of three, and started working for Chill Expeditions.


Sounds kind of haphazard doesn’t it?…


Now, here I sit living a life that feels as if it were completely meant to be, as if I had planned it all from the beginning. I teach in an amazing yoga community and work with outstanding colleagues at a company that encompasses many of my passions: education, travel, nature, people, yoga and sustainability. My vision to create a unique yoga experience has become a reality through my work at Chill Expeditions


A Chill Yoga experience is more than a yoga retreat; you will have opportunities to connect on a deeper level with the natural environment and the people that make Costa Rica such an amazing country. On a Chill Expedition65720_10151421303452320_757843955_n Yoga Experience you step off carefully manicured paths, follow hidden passions and discover new ones. Your yoga practice will be interwoven with experiences that open you to a deeper understanding of the world you live in.


Our hope is that on a Chill Expedition Yoga Experience you will feel that all is as it should be. 


– Andrea Sarko





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