Eco-Immersion in Belize

Belize?  Even many seasoned world travelers have overlooked this wonderful country in their search for off the beaten path travel destinations.   Belize Adventure Travel offers wonderful opportunities  for families, students, and teachers.  The small size and friendly English-speaking locals make the country accessible for all kinds of travelers.  But Belize Eco-immersion travel with Chill Expeditions goes way beyond standard Belize adventure vacations to truly connect you with the amazing people, stunning natural beauty, and incredible history of this tiny jewel.
Caye on the MesoAmerican barrier reef

Eco-immersion in Belize is:

Jamming with local musicians under the stars in a tiny Caribbean town
Caribbean Music

Meeting the founder of the Belize Zoo and learning about her groundbreaking conservation work saving some of Belize’s iconic species
Scarlett Macaw PairExploring the incredible underground cave and river system that criss-crosses the country, and learning how geology, ancient cultures, and religion connect

Cave Exploration

Hiking in pristine rainforest, investigating the relationships between the incredible flora and fauna that have adapted to live there

Rainforest Resident Eating fresh seafood you caught sustainably after snorkeling in crystal clear waters on the MesoAmerican Barrier reef
Snorkeling MesoAmerican Reef
Hearing stories and traditions passed down through the ages from people who trace their ancestry back to the Mayan civilizations

Mayan Ruins … And that is just a start!  Whatever your travel interests and trip goals, Belize Eco-immersion travel with Chill Expeditions will offer you the customized travel experience of a lifetime!  What you would do on your expedition to Belize? Leave us a comment and let us know!

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