Family Expeditions Mentality

Creating a family vacation that is a success for all members is no easy task. Planning a family trip may take hours and hours of preparation. A key factor in achieving success is the mental attitude applied to all phases of a trip: preparation, travel to and from destinations, and the execution of the trip. At Chill Expeditions we pride ourselves in embodying the idea of Expedition Mentality. The core of this mentality is that even on the most meticulously planned itinerary, anything can happen. Let’s face the facts. If you are on a family trip with children, chances are the unexpected will happen. Chill Expeditions provides you with the support to create the family vacation you desire and the experience to cultivate Family Expedition Mentality.
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Family Expedition Mentality takes in to account that obstacles are inevitable, yet they are viewed as opportunities. Chill Expeditions has many years experience traveling to international destinations with student groups and families. Our team is comprised of former teachers, as well as parents of children of all ages. We not only plan trips for families we take our own families on all sorts of vacations, from road trips that last for weeks, to day trips and international destinations. We have done it all! These experiences provide us with the insight to help our guides be prepared for both the expected and unexpected needs of your family while you travel to Costa Rica, Ecuador, Spain or Belize. For example, imagine that you are traveling in Costa Rica, where getting from point A to point B is not quite as simple as it is in the States. The kids are tired of being in the van. Since the guide senses this, he pulls over and disappears into the jungle, only to return with a tree frog perched on his hand. The next 30-minute break becomes an amazing exploration of this creature and the ecosystem that it is part of, which includes your family at that very moment!

The Chill Expedition’s team intentionally creates customized eco-immersion travel itineraries that suit the make up of your family, whether it be multi-generational with ages 5-90 or parents traveling with their teen-aged children. The key to successful travel as a family is to embrace a Family Expedition Mentality: be flexible as obstacles arise, prepare for those more challenging times, and most of all, laugh together as you adventure together!
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Chill Expeditions has created amazing eco-immersion family vacations to Costa Rica, Spain, Belize, Ecuador and the Galapagos for over 100 families. We provide you with the platform to create an experience that is beyond an ordinary vacation in an environment that allows the creative process to be fun and stress free. Chill Expeditions has the experience to create a trip that promotes Family Expedition Mentality at it’s best!


Here are few tips from the Chill Expeditions experts (the moms in the company☺):

1. Involve your kids in the planning process, show them maps and read about the geography, history, culture and food of your destination ahead of time to help get them excited!
2. Allow kids to pack a small bag of favorite things to bring along and that they are responsible for during the trip.
3. Pack small bags of surprises for down times during travel (mid-flight, during long car rides, long lines at airport, etc.)
4. Keep items like crayons, paper, books and games handy for quick go to distractions when younger children get frustrated with sitting still.
5. Plan ahead…know that it will take on average 20-40 minutes more to transition with children, leave early for each departure time.
6. Take lots of pictures and video. These are the memories that make it all worth it!

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