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Bob Wegbreit, practically a neighbor to our Ardmore, PA office, took his wife, son, and daughter on a Costa Rican Adventure for some family adventure travel in December. We were fascinated with his story because he had been to Costa Rica a few times before, but like many of our clients, chose to enlist our services to take his travel experience to the next level – allowing him to fully engage in his eco-immersion experience. Here’s what he had to say about his expedition…

How many times had you been to CR before traveling with us?
“This was my 4th trip. I traveled there when I was 22, along with a friend. I took my girlfriend back there when I was 30. And we returned with our kids when they were 3 and 1.  That was15 years ago, and I had not been back until and this last trip with Costa Rican Adventures.”
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How did you experience Costa Rica differently while traveling with us?
“Each time, I put more trust in the hands of planning ahead. I only pre-planned two things last time: two hotels and a rental car. We rented a house on Pacific side. The house was lovely, but it was a 25 -30 minute walk on a not-so-comfortable road to get to town. Navigating throughout was a constant challenge – driving is a challenge. So that tension never let us relax while exploring. So that’s the part I wanted to take out for me, especially this time around. You have to over-plan with a lot more time involved. Because we used CRA, you knew how long it took to get from one place to another, if something was closed you’d figure it out. When we ran into an issue, our guide worked around it immediately…. so I didn’t have to worry about anything, and could just enjoy the nature and surroundings and activities that I was there to do. Not only did my family have a good time, but I had a good time! Afterward, I sat down and figured out the added cost of having a guide and expert planners. I figure the premium I may have paid was probably the cost of an insurance deductible for renting a car! Maybe a thousand less, but without CRA, I could never have enjoyed it as much did.”
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Was there an unexpected highlight of your experience/itinerary?
Don Juan’s eco-farm – I could have searched travel books and online, and it would never have come up. Yet, that was one of the top 2 or 3 things we did. To see our 15 and 18 year-olds smiling while milking a cow, which they had never done before… it was tremendous. So many smiles there. We learned so much from seeing a farm, on which a wide range of ages lives and works. Example: They make sugar cane juice and sugar cane hooch – it drove home the point of many age groups living together on a farm. It reminded us how much fun an educational experience can be. Also, the rafting trip was one of the best organized trips I have been on. The guides were awesome. They made us feel comfortable right from the start. They were professional and made us a great meal at the end of the day.
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Do you plan to travel with us again?
Absolutely. Maybe next year – but our daughter is a senior in high school, so timing may be tricky. We have a diversity of interests in my family. My wife loves nature, our son wants to be coddled at a resort, and both our daughter and I love nature. We got a taste of all of that with you. It was a great combination of everyone’s interests and likes.

Thanks, Bob, for sharing your thoughts on your family adventure travel experience! We certainly hope to see you and your family on a Chill Expedition again soon.

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