Julian High School 2013 Teacher Praise

I have been doing trips abroad with my students for about 18 years, starting with Mexico, then for the last 12 years, Costa Rica.  From a teacher’s perspective, I would honestly NEVER go with another company.  I love how trained the guides are and how they truly foster what the teacher thinks and wants.  They really care for the group and long to make the trip successful for the teacher and students alike.  They LISTEN to what the teacher wants and are great communicators.  I was able to make my goals clear to them at the beginning of the trip and they seamlessly wove my goals into the daily activities. They have so much knowledge about everything and truly make this trip educational for the students and EASY for the teacher.  I have been working with Costa Rica based Brian Benson from Chill Expeditions for 6 trips now, and I have never arrived in Costa Rica and NOT had them waiting for me at the airport with smiles, hugs and fresh fruit!  They set the tone so positively right from the start.  The planning process is no different.  I am able to set my personal goals and they are so helpful with making sure the itinerary meets my goals and hopes.  The paperwork is minimal (pretty much just the essentials…) and the communication is good.  They return emails and phone calls pleasantly and quickly.


Since I understand that I am responsible for high school students in a foreign country for the duration of the trip, it is always my goal that they are tired by the end of the day (so they are ready for bed!) and that they do not have much “free time” throughout the trip.  I have read the itineraries of several companies and often they give them “lunch on your own” (which is tough to budget for, or to control the food quality for), and the x number of hours of “free time” should make every teacher shudder.  I love that our days are packed and we are having fun and we are together throughout our journey.  I also love that Chill Expeditions is always seeking to move forward and improve.  I highly recommend this company for every teacher, be it Spanish, Biology, other Sciences, or Community Service Clubs.  I look forward to traveling with them for years to come!

 Cathy Kuiper Julian High School Spanish Teacher

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