Mike in Cleveland

Dear Educator,

I’ll be nearby next week, from Wednesday (9/19) through Friday (9/21), visiting neighboring schools, meeting with educators, sharing our story, and exchanging ideas on a robust student travel experience. If interested, I’d be happy to do the same at your school. Simply respond with a day and time that works for you.

Chill Expedition isn’t a vacation. It’s a journey to discover cultures, customs, people and foods, and the biodiversity and ecosystems of our shared world. Our guides don’t just point and talk, they’re educators. Our students aren’t tourists, they’re explorers. It’s your classroom, your goals, your visions, your time frames, your budget, and your needs. A Chill Expedition belongs to you, and we’ll help you design a customized program that makes the most of every moment, every experience, and every footprint.

Costa Rica
Galapagos Islands
Greece (Crete)
New Mexico (Taos)
North Carolina (Southern Appalachia)
Arizona/California (Sonoran Desert)
Spain (Andalucia)

For something powerful, for something transformative, for something that makes a mark, respond to this e-mail or give me a call.

Mike Budd

Martina Bustos, Costa Rica. Stanwich School, April 2018.

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