Our People, You People, and The People We Know

We are a small company and each person on our team wears many hats, so when we collaborate on mailings, newsletters, or brochures, it seems we are always being asked, “What makes us different? What sets us apart?” Each of us works here as a labor of love… to its very core it is a company that we believe in, that we can get behind – for the unique approach we take to educational travel and the phenomenal take-away that results for our clients. But explaining that core to others can be a daunting task.
I keep coming back to some of our clients who have been to Costa Rica before – some of them multiple times – and yet the feedback they give us tells us that their experience was way beyond what they had experienced traveling there on their own, or with a different company.

            Chill Expeditions/Costa Rican Adventures offers so much more than the other travel companies can.   They provide you with instant connections with many interesting local Ticos that can’t wait to share and teach you about their country.  I hold a dear place in my heart for Don Juan and Tito, and of course the outgoing guides that Chill Expeditions provide.  I can’t wait for my students to meet these locals, as I am sure they will learn many lessons from them that a textbook or classroom setting cannot provide. – Educators’ Journey Teacher, 2012

I believe this comes back to 3 things: Our People, You People, and The People We Know.  By “Our People” I mean our staff. Among us, we have a ton of local knowledge to apply to the logistics of your trip, first hand knowledge and experience of the client perspective to make your whole experience smooth, and education degrees galore – and isn’t learning what travel is all about?
CE team on the bus
“You People” refers to our client base. The families and teacher-led school groups that travel with us tend to be learners, do-ers – adventurous souls, who share readily with us their vision for a perfect eco-immersion expedition, the character of their group, and the must-haves to make the trip great. They are open-minded, sophisticated travelers, who choose educational travel with us because they know how much there is to learn on any given far-afield experience.
the crew
“The People We Know” refers to our collaborators and friends in Costa Rica (or Spain or Ecuador or Belize), who love to share their stories and skills with our travelers. They really make the trip special since they allow direct access to a whole new world, culture, life. This is the difference between seeing a new place and taking home memories of postcard-worthy views… and experiencing a new place and going home with a new perspective on the world.
traditional dance
So you tell me: How do we explain all that in a small brochure? A tagline? A Twitter post? I am open to ideas…

– Carolyne

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