Spotlight on La Herradura- Andalucian Spain

La Herradura

!Buenos Dias! Start with a delicious cup of café con leche at the local café by the water, greeted by the friendly owner who now knows you by name after your first few days in the quaint village of La Herradura.   Look out across the deep blue Mediterranean as you ponder the possibilities of your day.

Breakfast, La Herradura

Lead by an experienced local guide, you will dive into the vibrant colors, sounds, sights, smells, and tastes of Andalucia.   The possibilities are endless to connect with friendly locals working to keep rich traditions alive- from flamenco guitar craftsmen to artisans specializing in traditional Andalucian jams and cheeses.   Live like a local with La Herradura as your base as you explore this incredible melting pot of cultures, one of the most historic and intriguing parts of Spain.   Browse the colorful markets, hike the rolling hills, or stretch out on the beach and take a dip in the warm water.

Jamon Iberico

Markets, Andalucia

Hiking in Andalucia

Whether you are interested in a language immersion homestay, exploring the incredible biology and geology of the area- from the stunning Nerja caves to the snow capped Sierra Nevada mountains, or engaging with the colorful history of the region through visits to Moorish villages and palaces, there is something for everyone in Andalucia.  Our top-notch local guides help you make meaningful connections with the people you meet and the places you see.  You come away with a comprehensive understanding of this fascinating place and a memorable travel experience unlike any other.   If you are looking for vibrant culture, world class cuisine, adventure, history, and language, look no further than Spain Adventure Travel with Chill Expeditions!
Colors of Andalucia

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