The Nightly Circle

A tired group of teenagers made their way to the open, thatch roof hut in the jungle. The day was filled with stimulating adventures, with an early start hiking through the rainforest in search of Costa Rica’s finest wildlife, and ending with a cultural exchange at the local school. The only thing on the groups mind was a good night’s rest. A circle forms, naturally, as the group slips into the routine of the nightly gathering.

Nightly circles are imperative to our Chill Expeditions student educational travel experiences. Reflection at night allows students to dive further into the into the emotions, sights, smells, tastes, and adrenaline of each day, forcing students to hone in on the experiences that they can resonate with, both during the expedition and beyond.

As students express their thoughts openly, the group unites and grows together, solidifying the strong connection that is made during the course of the expedition. At the end of the reflection, the bandana is passed, showing honor to the student that exemplified the greatest expedition mentality.

The circle broke and the students, feeling a bit rejuvenated, traveled back to their rooms with arms linked, laughter lingering, and a sense of calm before laying their heads to rest.

group circle


2 thoughts on “The Nightly Circle

  1. I definitely think that reflection while traveling helps people to think deeper about their experiences as well as learn about the different perspectives that arise from others who are traveling with them.

    • Hi Andy!

      Thanks for your thoughts. We definitely agree that deliberate time for reflection maximizes any traveler’s experience and is a crucial part of eco-immersion travel.

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