Travel as a Life Changing Experience

My name is Marlen, but I prefer to be called Mar, and I have been working for Chill Expeditions for the past 6 years of my life! I never lasted so long in the same company as none of them made me feel inspired that I was creating experiences that were life changing to either travelers and – or communities.

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I love traveling. I am really passionate about getting to know other countries; their culture, wildlife, food and especially their people. Even in my own country, I have the chance to see new places and meet new people! I know from my own experience how traveling can change you and how it helps to put things into perspective; to expand your comfort zone and grow into a better human being for Mother Earth.

When we are adults, we get used to our daily routine and it is difficult to see the beauty in the small things- it all seems so normal. That´s why I love to travel- because I become a child, curious about everything around me. I ask so many questions and want to try it all, smell it all and see it all.

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Based on this, I love to work for a company that has the same values as I do as an individual. Being able to work in a place where you have the chance to change young people´s lives makes you feel like you are doing something to make the world a better place. To help them understand that life is more than just having things; that you have the power to change anything you dislike and to help others in need. To be able to share time with locals and understand how they live and what makes them feel happy. This is the greater mission we have in life: be happy, do what you like, make the world a better place, and help others!

The tourism industry can have a negative impact on countries and cultures, which is an element we try to avoid because we understand the importance in aiding the sustainable growth of our world. I really appreciate the chance we have to help communities we travel to – not only through community service, but with our positive footprint by using small entrepreneurs, helping our visionaries to achieve their goals in making their villages a better place to live, and helping families to have an extra income by sharing their culture with travelers.


Mar Tikal


I feel blessed that I have been able to travel to different countries like Peru, Belize and Guatemala, and that I had the positive experience of spending time with locals- not just travelling to the tourist locations, but really understanding nature, spiritual beliefs, cooking special food, and seeing impressive Mayan and Incan sites. All of this helps you get a deeper immersion experience.

I know that we as a company are able to create experiences that will help kids see what it is possible if they want to make a difference; if they decide to have an organic farm, create a non-profit to plant trees in deforested areas, or perhaps create an animal shelter. They will be inspired by our visionaries around the world! I am sure this will be such an impactful experience for you, your students or your children, and I will be more than glad to help you create your personalized itinerary to any of the great destinations we have available!


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-Marlen Rojas Montero, Chill Expeditions Reservations & Costa Rica Office Manager 

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