Chill’s Story

Crawford Hill (Chill) has been guiding wilderness expeditions since 1974, when he led climbing and backpacking expeditions in the Alps while in college. Chill’s interest in wilderness exploration and immersion, environmental conservation and the human cultural ecosystem was stimulated by formative travel experiences in his youth, among them epic family backpacking trips in the sixties along much of the Appalachian, John Muir and Pacific Crest Trails.

He continued on his own with climbing expeditions to America’s West, British Columbia, Alaska, the Alps and Norway. In July of 1971, at 19, he became the youngest person (then) to summit Denali- Mt. McKinley (20,300′). Chill was soon leading his own trips with family, friends, colleagues, and eventually students.

Chill was an innovative teacher who created a powerful way of teaching biology that became The Story Approach. He always approached every educational setting with students — classroom, coaching, travel — as an expedition, and honed the best way to get the most out of the opportunity. This approach became the Expedition Mentality. The educational principles of the Story Approach and the Expedition Mentality provide the infrastructure for each customized Chill Expedition. Chill and Eddie have attracted an incredible team of educational trip planners and field guides who excel at bringing your vision alive and exceeding expectations!

After 35 years of teaching biology, running a wonderful science department, coaching wrestling and rock climbing, wilderness exploration and travel of many kinds, Chill is well positioned to run this business. From 1999-2010, he led 700 students and 35 teachers from his school as a client of Costa Rican Adventures, which became Chill Expeditions when he and Eddie bought the business in 2010. Since then, the duo has expanded to other amazing destinations that met their exacting criteria. Chill’s in all his educational efforts was simply to give his students pause about why they do what they do.

This is our driver at Chill Expeditions! This is why we go where we go, do what we do there and strive every day to get a bit better. We aim to create that pause and empower students to become more thoughtful about what next they will do!