Costa Rica Student Travel Programs

If you’re looking for the absolute best, most authentic, life-changing Costa Rican eco-immersion experience…You have arrived. Imagine…

Sleeping in an open cave behind a waterfall that you rappelled earlier in the day, the sun setting over the Pacific Ocean in the distance. Peaceful.

Helping local Indigenous people build and install clean burning stoves—which use less wood and produce less smoke—to replace those that have caused respiratory illness in their village. Fulfilling.

Exploring the depths of the lowland jungle with a local Afro-Caribbean naturalist, the trail weaving in and out along the shore of the turquoise Caribbean Sea, discovering sloth and munching on coconuts along the way. Fascinating.

Get up close and personal with our Costa Rican adventure. Rafting through a verdant rainforest canyon with a local guide, whose village you visited the days before, getting to know his world, the river, the history behind it. Exhilarating.

A Costa Rican student travel vacation with Chill Expeditions offers all of this and more. Costa Rica means “rich coast” in Spanish, and this small Central American country truly lives up to its name. Join us we explore the human ecosystem, strategies for sustainability, and living in harmony with our surroundings.

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Why We Love Costa Rica

Costa Rica is our roots. Chill Expeditions grew out of a desire to share our unparalleled powerful approach to experiential education, which was honed over 17 years in our initial venture, Costa Rican Adventures. And we want to share all we know about this fascinating country with you. The visionaries and artisans. The entrepreneurs and chefs. The farmers and scientists. We are honored to know them as our extended family. They have taught us, inspired us, and helped us and thousands of our clients since 1995 to know the real Costa Rica.

Everyone who goes to Costa Rica has fun. However, we aim for an astonishing experience that will enhance your engagement with the people and the magic of this breathtaking paradise. Come with us on your Costa Rica student travel, and find your place within the fascinating story of our world.

A Day on Expedition in Costa Rica

Day 6: Biodiversity; Manuel Antonio Area

Today we will focus on biodiversity – what it means, why it is important, forces driving biodiversity and our human impact. We head up the Pacific Coast to visit the Manuel Antonio National Park, one of Costa Rica’s most famous National Parks. Hiking in the park, we have a chance to see an amazing range of biodiversity in the plant and animal species. Spend the afternoon on the beach before we check into our nearby lodge.

Important Themes:

  • The importance of the National Park system to Costa Rica’s economic, environmental and social well-being

  • Biodiversity and unique adaptions

  • Symbiotic, mutualistic and parasitic relationships

Best Value in Costa Rica

Chill Expeditions offers the absolute best value for an unparalleled experiential learning experience in Costa Rica. Each of our expeditions is customized to meet your educational vision and trip interests, so pricing varies by itinerary – most of our student expeditions to Costa Rica range from $200-$220 per student per day (land cost). We offer 1 free chaperone land cost for each 10 paying students, and our expeditions are completely all inclusive – no add-ons or hidden costs while on the road. View Pricing Information