Ecuador Adventure Vacations

Climb a 14,000 foot extinct volcano, exploring the fascinating biodiversity of the paramo while learning orienteering skills. Astonishing.

Work together with an indigenous village in the Amazon to build bookshelves for their school, camp under the stars and cook over an open fire. Inspiring.

Snorkel through lava tunnels and alongside penguins in one of the worlds most pristine marine environments. Exhilarating.

Delve into the rich culture, from Kichwa ceramics and blowguns, to colorful craft markets and family farms. Fascinating.

Chill Expeditions invites you to experience the absolute best in Ecuador adventure travel. Powerful connections. New perspectives. Real-life experience. Ecuador adventure vacations with Chill Expeditions mean you aren’t sitting on the sidelines. We immerse you in the game so that you can experience a true learning adventure; one that changes you from the inside out. From deep in the Amazon jungle to high atop the glacier-capped Andes, we help you to understand the intricacies of the extreme climactic, cultural and biological diversities that help make Ecuador such an astounding and unique country. And then we put those pieces into a larger picture, offering you the opportunity to gain profound insights on this gorgeous little country, and the world as a whole.

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Why We Love Ecuador

Four “Countries” in One!
CE offers Ecuador adventure travel through four vastly different cultural and biological experiences in one country. The Amazon, The Andean Highlands, The Coast, and The Galapagos Islands are worlds unto themselves that you can easily access as part of your trip. The regional variations in climate, food, wildlife, and people will astound you in this small and welcoming country.

Unique Biology 
Endemic species, unique habitats, stunning biodiversity—Ecuador adventure vacations are a biology lover’s dream. The geography, geology, and ocean currents that impact Ecuador’s unique ecosystems have resulted in some of the highest rates of biodiversity in the world. Offshore, Ecuador’s Galapagos Islands are rightfully one of the most acclaimed places on Earth to appreciate evolutionary biology and the natural world.

Rich History 
Ecuador has a rich cultural history evident in each local craft market, regional dialect, and colonial hacienda. The mixing of various distinct indigenous cultures with colonial European settlers has resulted in a fascinating and vibrant national history that has been uniquely preserved. A visit to Quito’s historic center or to a traditional indigenous village in the Amazon is to glimpse into the past of this amazing country.

As an off-the beaten path destination, much of Ecuador’s vast natural resources have been well protected. Our Ecuador adventure vacations offer endless opportunities to connect with nature up close and experience the natural world as you never have before.

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Customizing An Itinerary

Our eco-immersion expeditions are customized to meet your specific learning goals—from cultural immersion and language study, to community service experiences, to biology and ecology focused itineraries—and everything in between. Each day of your itinerary is highlighted by people, places, and themes that will be an important part of your trip. Every day focuses on an inspiring person or idea that will leave a lasting impact on your students. The people you meet will share their unique stories about involvement with important ecological, social, cultural, and economic issues, allowing travelers to make meaningful connections and reach deeper levels of understanding. Chill Expeditions guides work with you to connect each person and idea introduced during the trip to a cohesive whole. This is the core of our Story Approach. Planning begins with a conversation. We will listen to your educational goals, your vision, your timeframe, and your “must haves,” and then use our local expertise to help you address each of these in a perfectly balanced itinerary. See our sample itineraries for ideas and inspiration!

Ecuador Biology Focus Sample Itinerary

Ecuador Highlands Adventure to Amazon Sample Itinerary

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Pricing Information

Our clients tell us time and again that the in-depth, customized experience we provide is unique and incredibly valuable. Because we aim to provide you with a genuine and personalized experience, we do not combine groups or schools, and the price we give you per person is all-inclusive, with no added costs along the way.

On our EcoClassroom expeditions, one teacher/chaperone travels FREE, for every 10 paying students. Our pricing is all-inclusive once you arrive in your destination country. This includes all meals, lodging, in-country transportation, activity costs, and full-time naturalist guides.

For the families who travel with us, the price we give you per person includes all lodging, in-country transportation, activity costs, and full-time naturalist guides, plus most meals. While some families choose to have all meals included, others like to leave more flexibility in their itinerary… you tell us and we can oblige.

While costs depend on time of year and the nature of your itinerary, you can get a better sense of pricing by checking out our sample itineraries, which have price estimates included.

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