Galapagos Travel

Earth before Man. Pristine. Abundant. Astonishing. Wildlife that is bold, unafraid, approachable. Mind-boggling cartoon-like geologic formations. Immersing yourself in this equatorial volcanic archipelago situated 500 miles off Ecuador’s coast is an authentic, deeply personal experience. Unlike other outfits, Chill Expeditions offers you a land-based Galapagos islands vacation, allowing you to sleep in cottages or camp out under the stars by night, and travel by boat, foot, or horseback during the day. Our eco-immersion expeditions allow you to live and breathe this extraordinary place, soaking up each island’s charm, spending time with fascinating locals, and still seeing a dazzling array of purely wild islands.

Chill Expeditions customized Galapagos islands travel boasts the best naturalist guides in the business, thrilled to lead you to giant frigate birds and comical blue footed boobies only an arm’s length away. Baby seals and penguins (yes, penguins!) are your snorkeling companions as you swim through enormous schools of blue and gold King Angelfish. Giant Tortoises and land iguanas, out of reach to your typical boat-based tour, are set amongst a backdrop of jaw-dropping geologic drama. All of this, put into a riveting context, allows you to truly understand this compelling island chain and its importance to our world.

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Why We Love Galapagos


The Galapagos Islands biology is often described as ‘earth before man’ with a fascinating human presence on the fringes. The landscape is simply ‘the moon…in color!’ You cannot possibly capture the power of the primordial wildlife experience, the cultural nuances and the geologic spectacle of this extraordinary human eco-system unless you stay on the Islands with us and engage in an eco-immersion expedition.

We love the power of hands-on engagement to further the understanding of your own role in earth’s fragile ecosystem. The unbelievably close, astonishing encounters with all types of remarkable plants and animals truly challenges your understanding and curiosity about the sustainability of biodiversity and the wonders of evolution.

Our Galapagos trip epitomizes the essence of experiential learning. There is simply no way to replicate what is possible with an eco-immersion experience led by the best guides in the country by doing anything other than getting there on expedition! No film, digital exercise, classroom or lab can top what is possible when you are a part of a collaboratively planned, intentionally guided eco-immersion in one of Earth’s most compelling settings…and the finest real-world laboratory imaginable. The Galapagos is a microcosm of all of the sustainability issues challenging life on Earth and we have the educational depth to best guide you there.

A Day on Expedition in Galapagos

Day 6: Sustainable Agriculture; Palugo

This small family farm is a living example of sustainable agriculture and positive solutions to the issues we see with commercial agriculture. We wake up this morning and leave the mountain behind as we drive to a small family farm. We start our visit with a delicious farm-fresh meal cooked in the open on a wood-fired stove. Throughout the afternoon, we learn some of the techniques involved in sustainable agriculture that help to keep the animals, the environment, our water supply and our food healthy.

Important Themes:

  • The importance of seeds and seed saving

  • Compare/contrast monoculture and sustainable agriculture

  • Animal husbandry: Integrating animals in a fashion that improves land over time

Best Value in Galapagos

Chill Expeditions offers the absolute best value for an unparalleled experiential learning experience on the Galapagos Islands. Each of our expeditions is customized to meet your educational vision and trip interests, so pricing varies by itinerary – most of our student expeditions to the Galapagos begin around $450 per student per day (land cost). We offer 1 free chaperone land cost for each 10 paying students, and our expeditions are completely all inclusive – no add-ons or hidden costs while on the road. View Pricing Information