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Peru is home to some of the richest Pre-Colombian history in all of Latin America.  Our small village connections and emphasis on understanding history and culture in context with the environment make Peru one of our most compelling destinations. From a visit to stunning Machu Picchu to service in a remote Andean village, an expedition to Peru is sure to expand your horizons. Breathtaking sceneries, syncretism of catholic and Inca beliefs making a one of a kind spiritual experience, Impresive Inca Ruins anywhere you go, delicious and varied cuisne, warm & humble locals. Peru is a great destination that combines a diversity of local food, people, culture and nature to immerse yourself into a life changing experience. What are you waiting for?

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Why we Love Peru

Our Programs in Peru offer an incredible mix of cultural immersion, community service, visits to Inca ruins, and exploration of the wonders of Peru. We are based in the belly button of the Inca World: Cusco and the Sacred Lake of Titicaca, and our programs are designed to immerse travelers in the ancient culture of the Incas and their descendants. Learn about traditional food, music, dances, clothes, and community structure.  Visits to impressive sacred sites such as Machu Picchu, Sillustani, Moray and Sacsayhuaman help put in context how the Inca Empire was one of the most powerful and advanced in the world.  We engage with local communities to learn about how they keep traditions alive and what life in modern Cusco is like.

A Day On Expedition in Peru

After breakfast we will visit several sites in the outskirts of Cusco of importance for the Inca Empire. We start at the tranquil terraced rocks of Tambomachay ruins (meaning guest house), with aqueducts, waterfalls and canals.  It is said that the Inca emperor came here to bathe and perform religious rites in the water. Begin an easy hike about 7 KM through local farms to the mysterious Qenco temple ruins where sacrifices and mummification took place. Not far are the ruins of Sacsayhuaman, first built by the Killke culture beginning 1100 A.D. and expanded by the Inca. It’s considered the largest structure built and one of the most significant archaeological legacies of the Incas. Due to the complexity of the layout of the massive blocks of stone, some bigger than a car, it is said that the construction of Sacsayhuaman lasted more than 50 years and employed over 20,000 men in the construction.

Important Themes:

  • Cuisine and Culture: how the two are related and what determines a culture’s food traditions?
  • The unique cultural heritage involved in Inca food
  • Importance of Geology for the Sacred Valle area and Peru as a whole, culturally, historically, and as a tourism attraction today.

Best Value in Peru

Chill Expeditions offers the absolute best value for an unparalleled experiential learning experience in Peru. Each of our expeditions is customized to meet your educational vision and trip interests, so pricing varies by itinerary – most of our student expeditions to Peru range from $325-$375 per student per day (land cost). We offer 1 free chaperone land cost for each 10 paying students, and our expeditions are completely all inclusive – no add-ons or hidden costs while on the road. View Pricing Information