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Mountain vistas all the way out to the azure sea. Stunning.
Canyoning the Rio Verde, literally diving into the raw beauty of Andalucia. Exhilarating.
Dining on tapas made of the freshest ingredients, learning the secrets and tradition underlying this world-class Mediterranean cuisine. Divine.
Dancing the Flamenco, understanding its importance to Andalucian culture and history directly from one of the world’s few remaining classical Flamenco guitar makers. Astounding.

Does this sound like the best of Spain adventure travel? At Chill Expeditions, these amazing opportunities are just layers of the phenomenally rich cake that we help you to create. Authentic connections. Fascinating Andalucian people. Together we weave through ancient routes, meeting compelling people who are proud to share their unique heritage with us; and a story begins to unfold. With Chill Expeditions Spain adventure tours, we present a new world in a familiar context. You will see this amazing world—its history, its people, its beauty—through a new lens, and be able to relate it to your own life in a profoundly meaningful way.

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Why Andalucia

History and Culture 
Spain is a special destination and The Andalucian area of Spain is especially rich with history and culture and warm, friendly people. The geography is stunning—within 40 miles the Mediterranean coast and Sierra Nevada mountains fuse to yield rivers, valleys, hidden waterfall pools, beautiful little fishing towns, and the world famous remote alpine white villages. This is the Real Spain. What is so cool about Andalucia is that all of this amazing beauty and rural culture is so accessible and close to the remarkable city of Granada—one of the world’s gems at the base of the incomparable Alhambra and snow capped mountains beyond, yet just 40 minutes from the blue waters of the Mediterranean. Granada is like 5 cities in one—it is one of the best walking cities anywhere, with evidence of the fusion of Moorish, Christian and Jewish culture everywhere. We have picked Andalucia because it has one of the densest concentrations of amazing culture, cuisine, adventure and beauty anywhere on earth… and we have the best team in the business there, based in the sublime village of La Herradura.

Go canyoning in Rio Verde, hike the Sierra Nevadas, gaze out to sea from a secluded ancient tower- grazing on local wine, cheese, ham and fruit—no tourists anywhere in sight, go kayaking along spectacular cliffs and caves on the Mediterranean, snow ski, scuba dive, weave on an ancient loom high up the slopes of the Sierra in one of dozens of charming, ancient little villages… all of these activities and more are available within 40 miles. How cool is that? Furthermore… You cannot beat the weather in Sunny Andalucia!

The sub-tropical micro climate of the area—The Costa Tropical—ensures that delicious fruit and vegetables are produced year round in Andalucia, to compliment the world renowned local olive oils, seafood, ham and chorizo. Charming outdoor markets abound and there is a very surprising diversity of restaurants! Each little village is different and just wandering through them is a delight. Inevitably you will be intrigued by the wonderful aromas wafting your way, compelling you to seek its source! We invite you to join us in Andalucia on an experience which is way beyond any vacation you have ever had.

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Customizing An Itinerary

Our eco-immersion expeditions are customized to meet your specific learning goals- from cultural immersion and language study, to community service experiences, to biology and ecology focused itineraries—and everything in between. Each day of your itinerary is highlighted by people, places, and themes that will be an important part of your trip. The people you meet will share their unique stories about involvement with important ecological, social, cultural, and economic issues, allowing travelers to make meaningful connections and reach deeper levels of understanding. Chill Expeditions guides work with you to connect each person and idea introduced during the trip to a cohesive whole. This is the core of our Story Approach.

Planning begins with a conversation. We will listen to your educational goals, your vision, your timeframe, and your “must haves,” and then use our local expertise to help you address each of these in a perfectly balanced itinerary.

See our sample itineraries for ideas and inspiration!

Andalucian Spain Sample Itinerary

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Pricing Information

Our clients tell us time and again that the in-depth, customized experience we provide is unique and incredibly valuable. Because we aim to provide you with a genuine and personalized experience, we do not combine groups or schools, and the price we give you per person is all-inclusive, with no added costs along the way. On our EcoClassroom expeditions, one teacher/chaperone travels FREE, for every 10 paying students. Our pricing is all-inclusive once you arrive in your destination country. This includes all meals, lodging, in-country transportation, activity costs, and full-time naturalist guides.

For the families who travel with us, the price we give you per person includes all lodging, in-country transportation, activity costs, and full-time naturalist guides, plus most meals. While some families choose to have all meals included, others like to leave more flexibility in their itinerary… you tell us and we can oblige. We are always happy to provide you with a sample itinerary and price as a jumping off point.

While costs depend on time of year and the nature of your itinerary, you can get a better sense of pricing by checking out our sample itineraries, which have price estimates included.

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