Eddie’s Story

Since he can remember, Eddie has always been fascinated to learn about people through cultural immersion experiences.  Through such experiences, we are often invited to explore a person’s culture, traditions, and community.  This connection is a pathway to understanding a human in a sincere way that leads to mutual respect and forging strong friendships.

Eddie has dedicated his personal and professional life to education.  As a life long learner, Eddie believes that sharing his knowledge, passion, and time with his family, friends, colleagues, and students allows for a closer connection to both the physical world around him, and more importantly to the vast diversity of the human condition with all its hopes and desires to make our world a better place.  Each opportunity to engage with new people and cultures enriches his own personal respect and understanding of the world around him.  In new surroundings, Eddie excels at creating a lively and comfortable atmosphere that helps people share, connect, and learn about each other.

Eddie was a classroom teacher for 20 years, at both the elementary and high school level, and has spent the last six years a teacher out in the field, guiding students on expeditions to our destinations.  Whether in the classroom or in the field, Eddie seeks to dig a little deeper- to go beyond the surface to discover the foundation of what makes an activity, a place or a person special and unique.  Exploring beyond what is immediately obvious is an opportunity to reflect on what is important to us individually and to discover our place in the larger world around us.

Eddie is committed to offering an experiential opportunity that forces us to reflect and thus to learn a bit more about ourselves and expand our world-view.