Our Educators’ Journey is an annual summer scouting trip for teachers to Costa Rica.

This incredibly low cost 8 day expedition is the best way for teachers to experience first-hand the exceptional experiential learning adventures that we put together at Chill Expeditions as you consider future travel with student groups to any of our destinations.

Educator’s Journey is a dynamic highlight tour of our unique educational approach and destination options for student groups. It is a wonderful way to vet our programs and meet like-minded teachers, while reaping professional development benefits and gathering strategies for experiential learning to take back to the classroom.

Our trip is packed with information and inspiration shared with your Chill Expeditions team, local visionary collaborators, and fellow educators. Join us for the expedition of a lifetime!

Educators’ Journey Costa Rica 2019
July 24-31, 2019* 

To find out more, CONTACT US or call today 800.551.7887.


Is this a Vacation?
No – this is way beyond a vacation! Educators Journey is a packed itinerary where we showcase many of our favorite people, places and experiential learning activities in Costa Rica and beyond. We are very active, making the most of our short time to download lots of information and focus on sharing ideas for student Eco-Immersion Travel.

How can I join?
If you are interested, email audrey@chillexpeditions.com or call us at 800.551.7887. We invite Educators to join our group largely based on serious interest in future student travel.

How many teachers from each school can join? Can I bring friends or Family on the trip?
Due to our intentionally small group size (16 or less), we cannot open the trip to friends or family who are not educators, and we ask that no more than 2-3 teachers/administrators from each school join.

What Grade level Educators are invited?
Educators’ Journey is intended for teachers and administrators of middle school to college age students who are interested in future student travel.

What’s the catch?
There is no catch! Our extremely low cost Educators’ Journey expeditions are truly all inclusive, and there is no obligation for future travel with Chill Expeditions if you sign on to Educators’ Journey (although we certainly hope you will, and most of our Educators’ Journey participants do!). We offer this amazing trip as an opportunity to let teachers experience our unique vision and the exceptional learning expeditions we create – don’t just take our word for it, come see for yourself!