“I loved the service activities that involved helping children at the two schools, including the homestays. These were my favorite activities because they were more than just fun and adventurous. They made me and my fellow students better people, improved our Spanish, and made us appreciate the great lifestyles and opportunity we have at home. Most of all, these specific activities allowed me to help people… but showed me that you don’t need much to be content in life.”

– Student, Junior Class Trip,
Hammond School (SC)

At Chill Expeditions our vision is to be a collaborative resource, supporting small and sustainable projects that will be maintained and controlled by local communities.

We look for long term, high impact projects to execute, that will make tangible improvements in schools and local communities. We build long term relationships with community leaders and organizations, schools, and local service oriented NGO’s, as we work alongside local people to achieve common goals. Some of our annual groups, as well, have formed relationships with specific schools or areas, as they return year after year to continue working on their project and catching up with their new friends. 

Meaningful service and cultural exchange happens with Chill Expeditions’ service engagement trips. Plan yours today.

Our localized community service projects focus on four strategic areas including infrastructure improvement; access to drinkable water; health, hygiene and safety; and environmental education. Through these initiatives, our clients engage in a cultural exchange with locals that is educational, fun, and fascinating, resulting in a deeper understanding of our world. Examples of service work include building retaining walls, installing gardens, planting trees for reforestation, and building tables and chairs for classrooms. The possibilities are endless!

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