You won’t just observe, you’ll participate.

A Chill Expeditions Spanish immersion vacation offers a genuine opportunity to experience the daily life of locals. We make you feel like a welcome guest, with firsthand access to the history, traditions, people, and cultural nuances of the country you are visiting. When you become culturally immersed in a place, you gain a new understanding of yourself and a broader view of the world around you.

Our Spanish immersion vacations create space for you to make authentic connections that are deeply meaningful. Many of our Spanish immersion programs for school groups offer the opportunity to participate in homestays with local families in order to improve Spanish language skills and truly live in a different culture. Many students have told us that this was the highlight of their expedition — even though it was the part they were the most nervous about at first.

In order to create the most comprehensive learning experience, our dedicated team of trip planners will customize an itinerary that fits your educational objectives and comfort levels. In addition, during the entire Spanish immersion program, your group will hear the insights of bilingual naturalist guides who are committed to sharing the love of their home country — interweaving tales of history, the environment, culture, and their own relevant life stories. It is not essential that you speak any Spanish, but if you do, there will be plenty of daily opportunities to use the language meaningfully and improve your skills.

To find out more, or start planning your itinerary, call us today at 800.551.7887.