Our Travel Philosophy:

Creating a positive vibe and a meaningful culture

The gist of our Expedition Mentality is how to create the most positive and meaningful on-trip culture possible. There are many factors that contribute to the culture of any given group’s expedition—whether a school group, a family, or a diverse group of individuals.

The core of our mentality is recognizing that even on the most meticulously planned itinerary, even amongst the best of friends, classes, and families, unexpected things happen—you are on expedition, after all! We are superb at working with groups to make the most of the experience to “turn lemons into lemonade,” regardless of what happens in terms of weather or any other unexpected turn of events. This takes vast experience and a strong positive attitude, and this is what sets us apart! This is what we do.

We approach all of our experiences this way and our clients love the result! The attitude we nurture, even amongst those who think they know each other well, is remarkable. We have put great thought into this approach and have had success with all kinds of groups. There is much more to educational adventure than most appreciate; but done right, there is nothing like it!

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