Our Vision: To broaden minds and gain a greater understanding of our place in the world

With every adventure, our goal is to do nothing less than immerse, educate, and challenge travelers. What matters most is not what you see, do, or learn on your trip, but what you take away from it — and how it will impact the rest of your life. We always aim to give kids pause about why they do what they do and what they next will do. We train our guides that the best test of their impact on the kids is to compare the sophistication of the questions the kids ask at first with those they ask deeper into the experience and at the end. And to listen closely during the nightly circles for the change in perspective the kids gain…because they always do!

Our distinctive Story Approach and Expedition Mentality combine to enhance your experience in a way no other educational travel provider can. This gives your overall experience context, meaning, and a sense of purpose. You’ll gain a holistic understanding of the culture and the people of the countries you visit — and as a result, develop a new lens through which to view yourself and the world. We are not tourist tour operators- We are educators passionate about the extraordinary opportunities possible when travel is intentionally framed and delivered from a robust educational infrastructure. We love having the opportunity to make that happen for teachers and students…and now, families as well!