Our Educational Philosophy:

Providing the context and meaning to make your experience unforgettable

Because there is so much to see and take in on all of our expeditions, and because our naturalist/cultural/adventure guides are so knowledgeable, it could be easy to overwhelm clients with a vast array of information. Instead, we work hard to provide context and meaning, which connects the diverse elements of that which you will experience. We are always aware of the totality of the experience and the coherence of all the elements.

Our guides are superb at finding memorable “teachable moments,” which most would have missed, and furthermore, connecting the new to what has been seen and what lies ahead. This is not easy. We recognize that what matters is not what we know, but what you take away from the experience-what you can assimilate. We work hard to allow each individual to take ownership of his or her own story resulting from this experience, and know how to make it something which will endure. Our guides purposely embed information in a story style, an easily grasped manner, appropriate to each group/age level.

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