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“My daughter’s trip to Costa Rica was life changing. First, she grew extremely close to the students and chaperones in her group, many of whom she did not know well before her trip. Secondly, the two week adventure is absolutely the main reason why she chose her major in college and her current career path. After living in the ecosystem and realizing her passion for science, she majored in Biology and is currently pursuing a MS in Marine Mammal Science. I am convinced that the trip to Costa Rica planted the seeds of discovery in her in a way that only a hands on experience could have done.”

Jackie, EcoClassroom Parent, Pennsylvania

Since 1995, Chill Expeditions has coordinated and executed world-class eco-immersion expeditions for school groups and families that result in life-changing, unforgettable educational experiences. Run by teachers who have honed their approach through years of experience in the classroom and in the field, the educational value of our expeditions is unmatched. Each expedition is carefully tailored and curated to address the educational goals of the lead teacher. Our naturalist guides, who stay with the group 24/7, are trained in the execution of our educational principles. They are well-known for completely devoting themselves to the group, quickly becoming “part of the family” in their efforts to provide insight into the intricacies of their country, while taking care of the necessary travel details. Students will gain a holistic understanding of the culture, the people, the country, and through it, develop a new lens to view themselves and their world. At Chill Expeditions, it’s not just about seeing mountains, monkeys and museums but immersing students in the country with the help of our outstanding naturalist guides and visionary collaborators, giving them “pause” about the relationship between humans and our planet.

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Safety is paramount on every Chill Expedition. Our naturalist guides are Wilderness First Aid certified and trained to assess and resolve safety issues in any given situation or environment. These are addressed with the group of students first and foremost at the start of each new activity. We thoroughly vet every destination and activity before sending a group to spend time there, assessing not only its educational value, but also any safety measures. In case there is a medical need while your child is traveling with us, we do purchase travel medical insurance for every traveler ahead of time. This ensures that any and every need will be taken care of promptly and professionally.

EXPLORE Our Destinations

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Chill Expeditions’customized expeditions are absolutely the best value in the business. As career teachers, our passion is providing world-class educational opportunities to students. We thrive on giving students the opportunity to challenge themselves and truly become part of a supportive team. Without a doubt, Chill Expeditions provides the highest possible educational value, while still keeping expeditions accessible to students. Prices depend upon the destination, flight costs, time of year, the length of your trip, specific activities and the nature of the itinerary. Each per person land cost includes naturalists guides who stay with the group round the clock, all meals, lodging, and activity costs, travel medical insurance, and all in-country transportation. (This means NO ADDED costs during the trip-it is all paid up-front! Always!)

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Other Opportunities

Chill Expeditions offers a summer program for teens called EarthConnect, which is a unique fusion of the best features of a camp experience and a traveling educational tour in one of Earth’s most splendid environments. The opportunity to experience Costa Rica, Ecuador, or Spain in many different locations, each of which is home to unique ecosystems and diverse local cultures, allows students to learn and live in a variety of amazing settings. 

If all of this makes you jealous, Mom or Dad, remember that Chill Expeditions offers family adventure tours too! Give us a call to begin planning an eco-immersion expedition for your family that is far and away Beyond A Vacation!

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