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An EcoClassroom adventure with Chill Expeditions will likely be one of the most profoundly meaningful experiences in a student traveler’s life. Our unique approach to eco-immersion aims at providing a comprehensive perspective that is relevant to the life of the traveler. Our eco tours are focused on interweaving all aspects of your destination, as they are in real life; biology, ecology, culture, language, conservation, agriculture, service, adventure, and more. We introduce you to inspiring visionaries who are making positive changes in the world, helping students to see the global realm of possibilities in their life. Using this powerful 360-degree approach, we provide greater context within your eco adventures so that students not only begin to see a much larger picture, but how they fit into that picture.

With layers upon layers of authentic, intellectually deep experiences, the result is much more profound than your traditional eco tour. In addition to challenging outdoor adventures in stunning natural settings, students on Chill Expeditions eco tours are also introduced to the intellectual adrenaline. With so many opportunities to truly engage and connect—with the natural world, the local people, and fellow travel mates—Eco Classroom gives students pause; an impact that will endure long after the trip is over.

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Getting Started

We know first-hand how busy you are, our owners were teachers for a combined 50 years in the classroom and in the field, so we work to make the planning process as easy as possible for you.

We help you by :

• Ensuring your educational goals are met… and exceeded

• Arranging unique opportunities

• Helping you develop a payment timeline that works for you

• Providing recruitment materials for students and parents

• We make it easy for you because we know you are busy teaching!

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Creating An Itinerary

We specialize in creating customized itineraries in collaboration with teachers that fulfill your educational objectives and leverage what you are already doing in the classroom. Check out our destination pages, peruse our sample itineraries, dare to dream, and call us! We will help you customize the most inspiring, challenging, intellectual-adrenaline-infused expedition possible!

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For every 10 paying students, one teacher travels FREE with us!

Best Value in the Business
With our unique approach to powerful, effective eco-immersion travel, our focus on providing opportunities for authentic connections, our depth of experience both in the classroom and the field, and our ability to help you disconnect from distractions and truly engage, you can expect to have an experience that is far beyond the scope of what you thought possible. Since all of our trips are customized, prices depend on the time of year, the length of your trip, the activities you choose, and the nature of the itinerary. If you are shopping around for prices, just remember, we aren’t comparing apples to apples here. See “ball-park prices” in each sample itinerary, and remember that we are always happy to provide you with a sample itinerary and price as a jumping off point!

While some companies include only lodging and food in your initial “all-inclusive” price, and only later point out “add ons” for you to choose and pay for, CE does not work this way. Our version of “all-inclusive” includes just that—all food, lodging, activity costs, guide/s, all land transportation, and even medical insurance. Everything is included in the up-front price we quote for your land cost. The only exception is the airport departure tax. (We are happy to help you find and reserve the best flights for your needs as well, if you wish. This is an optional service we provide at your request.)

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“I loved the service activities that involved helping children at the two schools, including the homestays. These were my favorite activities because they were more than just fun and adventurous.  They made me and my fellow students better people, improved our Spanish, and made us appreciate the great lifestyles and opportunity we have at home. Most of all, these specific activities allowed me to help people … but showed me that you don’t need much to be content in life.” 

–Student, Hammond School (SC)

“This trip (to Belize) made me change my major to language study so that I can learn Spanish and come back to Central America. I fell in love.”

–Student, Alfred University (NY)

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