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Twitter’s 40 Most Influential Travel Bloggers

This list composes the top forty influences on Twitter in the world of travel blogging today. The list was generated from various methods in order to get a diverse group of individuals. We have also included in the list some amazing Educational and Experiential Travel bloggers in hopes of blending the two worlds, and creating awareness for these amazing Journeys and rewarding Experiences. There are dominate names, that have hundreds of thousands of Twitter followers, and a few names with less than a 1000, but all of them have a dedication to the travel blogging profession and are great resources for all things travel. Demographically, there are solo travelers, duos, photographers, foodies, young, old, male, female, and pretty much every type of voice that you can imagine. It is understood that there may be some names missing, perhaps a few surprises, however we tried to use the community itself as a gauge to establish who major influencers are today, and who will be talked about in the future.



JD Andrews
Twitter @earthxplorer
Followers: 135,256
Bio: In over 20 years, 87 Countries, and all 7 continents, film maker, writer, and photographer JD Andrews, is perhaps one of the more dynamic travel names in the world. His work, in many avenues, has been featured on National Geographic, BBC Travel, Gadling, and Solo Traveler, and his life is built around not what he receives but how much he gives. We like him because he is the true vision of an adventure driven visual storyteller.


Twitter @paul_steele
Followers: 442,498
Bio: Paul has been a contributor to The Huffington Post and This former British Soldier embarked on a series of hiking expeditions to lose weight and travel the world. He is a father of five, and was voted 2011 most influential travel writer by He works as a part time delivery truck driver to give him the flexibility to travel around the world, and ramble about it. We like Paul not because he is bald but bold and mature in his adventures.


Iain MalloryTwitter@Malloryontravel
Followers: 39,812
Bio: Lain has quickly made a strong influence in European travel blogging. He has visited over 30 countries around the world, and is very eager to keep his site growing, and his travel experiences a plenty. His experience in the Armed Forces gives him a focused approach to detailing his travel adventures, as well as physically attacking them from a firsthand account. We like Lain for his fearless approach to blogging and travel.


Sophia and Nathan
Followers: 39,714
Bio: A dynamic duo that has traveled around the world since 2008 with focus on Europe, Asia, Australia, New Zealand and over 45 Countries under the collective belt. They provide readers a dual prospective ranging from travel advice on gear, technology, preparation, and health and safety all the way to beauty and fashion tips. They have epic video blogs from over 33 countries and have over 320,000 views on Youtube. We like Sophia and Nathan for their diversity and sharing their realities on duality.


Matt Kyhnn
Bio: Matt focuses on budget travel and how to generate working vacations. He has been travelling the world since 2008 and is an admitted twitter junkie. He offers budget conscious travelers and backpackers destination specific advice, stories of adventure and exploration, travel reviews, and inspiration to get out and travel the world. We like Matt for his slow traveling concept, which teaches how to get paid to play.

Travel Junkette

Twitter @travljunkette
Followers:  2,381
Bio: Traveling the World since 2008 with stops in Africa, Asia, Europe, Middle East, North, South and Central America. Susan has a spunky sense of humor, and takes breath taking photos of her travels, and provocative blog posts. We like her because she is emerging into the scene with a fresh approach and take no prisoners attitude.

Gina Stark

Twitter @suuperG
Followers: 105,365
Bio: Gitana is Spanish for gypsy which definitely sums up this “voracious”, peace-loving girl. A full time free-lance travel writer and proclaimed “twitter expert” whom offers consulting for others trying to learn the game. She has set out to travel the world and live outside the norm, while absorbing as many adventures and misadventures as possible. She is a KRED top 50 travel blogger. We like her because she combines elegant writing skills, with humor, and alliteration to detail her travels around the globe.


Nellie Huang
Twitter @wildjunket
Followers: 32,891
Bio: Nellie is a professional travel writer and editor with an eye for adventure and a love for the unknown. Originally from Singapore, she pursued an engineering degree and spent her days dreaming of travel the day after graduation, she packed her bags and headed off to experience the world. Since then she has visited over 50 countries in almost a decade of pursuit. Her work has since been published in numerous publications including National Geographic Intelligent Travel, CNN Go, Travel+Leisure Asia, Food&Travel, International Lifestyle, and TNT Magazine. We like Nellie for her professional approach to the wild side of life.

Budget Traveller

Kash Bhattacharya
Twitter @BudgetTraveller
Followers: 13,087
Website: www.BudgetTraveller
Bio: Kash has been coined the man with the inside scoop on budget travel. He was recently named to top 50 Travel online Influencers, and is one of Visit Britains 20 super bloggers. His website focuses on luxury hostels, money saving tips for planning your vacation, cheap eats, and essentially all things that living it up on a budget requires. We like Kash because he caters to people who want to be “ballers” on a budget.

Chris Guillebeau

Twitter @chrisguillebeau
Followers: 112,806
Bio: Chris has traveled to over 193 countries worldwide, and is the author of the book “The $100 Startup”, published in May of 2012. The book is essentially about living the life you want out side of the box, with the tools that you already possess. He prides himself as a non-conformist who wants to visit every country in the world while remaining self-employed for life. His website features non-conventional ideas for remarkable people. We love Chris for because he inspires others to change the world with their travel adventures and freedom.

Matt Long

Twitter @landlopers
Followers: 32,587
Bio: Matt identifies himself as a typical Gen-X professional who has a passion for all things travel. His site brings a unique perspective that is hard to find online. “I am not a backpacker, nor am I living off of a trust fund. I am just a normal person who has learned how to get the most out of the travel experience”, says Matt. LandLopers is a comprehensive site, which informs people on how to get the most out of their travel, and experiences all around the world. We love Matt for his adventurous spirit, and his devotion to continuous travel.

The Planet D

Dave and Deb
Twitter @theplanetd
Followers: 58,686
Bio: According to Dave and Deb, adventure is for everyone. A traveling couple who branched away from their separate film careers to continue their love of traveling. They have travelled slow and immersed themselves in over 80 countries around the world. They hope to inspire people with their stories, in hopes that they too will find the courage to travel the world and live there dreams. We love Dave and Deb for the respect they seem to generate within the travel blogging community.

Johnny Vagabond

Wes Nations
Twitter @johnnyvagabond
Followers: 7,142
Bio: Two years into a one-year trip, Wes is now in Mexico — sharing tips, taking pics, and telling lies.“My job is to do the stupid things so you don’t have to”, claims Wes. Wes originally focused his year travels around developing countries but has since branched out to dive into an all around the world trip on low budget. We love Wes for his sense of humor, perspective and the fact that he has been called one of the best storytellers in online travel. 

Rolf Potts

Twitter @rolfpotts
Followers: 4,093
Bio: Ralf has reported from over 60 countries for dozens of major venues and news outlets including, National Geographic Traveler, The New Yorker, Outside,, NPR and the Travel Channel. Rolf is probably best known however, for his promoting the ethic of independent traveler and his book on the subject, Vagobonding, which has been in thirteen different printings and translated into several languages. We love Rolf for the fact that he traveled around the world for six weeks without any luggage. 

Traveling Savage

Keith Savage
Twitter @travelingsavage
Followers: 9,255
Bio: Keith is a travel writer and Photographer who is exploring Scotland one month at a time with a focus on experiential travel all while balancing a wife & house in the ‘burbs. Although he has a very specific travelling circumference, he is inspirational as he is proof that having a family and the “the white picket fence” doesn’t have to decrease your urge to travel and tell the world about it. We like Keith for his extremely vivid story telling ability that captures emotion, debauchery all in a very sophisticated voice.

Exile Lifestyle (Colin Wright)

Twitter @colinismyname
Followers: 9,656
Bio: Colin, A 27 year old, full time traveler, has one of the most unique traveling concepts out there. He travels to another country every four months, and each new country he visits is voted on by his following. He has been featured in USA today, Young Entrepreneur, and has been interview on hundred s of TV Shows, Magazines, and other travel based medians. He has 7 published books, and only bears 60 odd possessions in the world. We love Colin for his willingness to be at the mercy of his following and because he is an inspiration for anyone who wants to live the traveling life. 

Fevered Mutterings

Mike Sowden
Twitter @mikeachim
Followers: 7,330
Bio: Mike is a seasoned blogger, who is an admitted travel disaster. In 2009, he realized his lifelong goal of being a paid writer who has had his blog posts linked to Lonley Planet, World Hum, and Lifehacker. He has a knack for humor and honest storytelling, both of which help his following in not taking themselves too seriously, and avoiding his predicated disasters in traveling. We like Mike because his Tagline, “I came I saw, I suffered immensely, fits his professional storyline perfectly. 

Adventurous Kate

Kate Mcculley
Twitter @ adventurouskate
Followers: 15,505
Bio: The adventures of a solo female traveler, has led Kate on quest around the world at the age of 26. She believes in saying yes to just about anything. Inspired by Inspiring women to travel the world solo and safely, Kate has made travelling and blogging her lifestyle in 41 countries, 20 of the U.S. States, and has no plans for docking her ship. Kate has published her writings with,, AOl Travel, and Single Minded Women. Her blog has 3,446 readers. We like Kate for her desire to inspire other women to travel.

Jennifer Dombrowski

Twitter @jdomb
Followers: 3,692
Bio: Don’t be fooled by Jennifer’s modest twitter following, she is quickly earning accolades in the travel blogging community. A recipient of a 2012 bloggy award for new comer of the year, Jennifer and her partner Tim are Sharing their love of travel, and knowledge of 43 countries and there wanderlust and are definitely a “Ordinary Couple , on a quest to see this extraordinary world! We like Jennifer because she made big moves in 2012 and we expect to see her following grow consistently in many years to come.

The Vacation Gals

Twitter @thevacationgals
Followers: 10,988
Bio: This threesome of mothers specializes in Family vacations, Romantic Getaways, Cruises, and solo female trips, and has focused their travels around the US, Mexico, The Caribbean and every resort, and destination city you can imagine. They do an amazing job of detailing their first hand experiences for everyone complete with travel tips, Gear Review, and are a useful resource for any family that wants to be on the move, and be comfortable in the process. We like the Vacation Gals because three ladies opinions are always better then just one.

Art of Backpacking

Twitter @artofadventurin
Following: 18,351
Bio: The Main Goals of the art of backpacking is to share travel experience, Inspire others to travel, and to provide information for all lifestyles and travel budgets. Michael has been seen on, Blogword, and The Australian. The site features, planning tips, advice, accommodations for budget travelers, videos and a plethora of knowledge on food and drinks around the world. Since 2008 the art of backpacking team of writers has visited 30 countries cycling the world over and over, and has produce over 500 articles for his following to feast upon. 

Bitten By the Travel Bug

Nicole Blaess-Smith
Twitter @nicoletravelbug
Followers: 6,825
Bio: At a very young age, Nicole has traveled to over 23 countries, and adds a fresh point of view, that flirts on luxury from a 20 something’s point of view. Who can describe Nicole better than Nicole’s own words; “Bitten by the travel bug, is One girl’s solo journey around the world in search of adventure, culture and just a little bit of luxury!” We like Nicole especially for her travel “bug- cket” list.

ytravel Blog

Caz and Craig 
Twitter @ytravelblog
Followers: 20,288
Bio: Liz and Craig have been travelling around the world since 1997 individually and as a couple. They have been to over 35 countries. Caz a teacher, and Craig a former Australian Rugby Pro, have two daughters, and are living their dream. They have shared their stories and have published their blogs with several other major blog sites in online travel, and on their own site publish great information on how to work abroad, and a link to their own travel podcast. However for them, “it is all about the memories”, and they have plenty to share. We like Liz and Craig, because as individuals they are diverse, but as a couple, they are dynamite in the world of travel.

The Aussie Nomad

Chris Richardson
Twitter @theaussienomad
Following: 9,550
Bio: Chris is an adventure chaser looking to explore the world, and to tell the ultimate story. His site offers very specific information on budgeting, getting visas, driving, finding a doctor, getting connected to the internet, and a plethora of other normally overlooked details. We like Chris for his Vegemite Challenge, despite still being confused on what exactly it is.

Almost Fearless

Christina and Drew Gilbert
Twitter @almostfearless
Followers: 46,477
Bio: A traveling artistic family who is in the process of making a documentary based on the generation of people who are taking their careers online in order to travel the world. There travels seem to be open to suggestion, next moves unpredictable, and they are still trying to impress their son Cole with their visiting of over 14 countries in the last two years. And, that is just the beginning, as child number two is on the way. We love them as they are an inspiration for any family who wants to get out and explore with their children, and do what they love to do.

UnCornered Market

Daniel Noll & Audrey Scott
Twitter @umarket
Followers: 33,699
Bio: A Modern day Travel love story, the Uncornered Market Husband/wife Duo have traveled over 75 countries in five years, and have been sharing their stories and photos of people from all different walks of life since they tied the knot. There website has 3,589 readers, and has traced their footsteps traveled to almost 60,000,000. There travels and stories seem to be centered around making the world a better place around them, something that not everyone seems to believe and most others forget from time to time. There blog won the Best Adventure Blog of 2011 from Tripbase, but we like them most for their humanitarian approach to travel.

Matt Gross

Twitter @worldmattworld
Followers: 7,012
Bio: Matt’s supplemental travel blog, The Minor Glories “A life lived in Constant Motion, helps him detail some of his travel exploits that aren’t already seen for major travel publications such as Saveur, Afar, and the New York Times. All of his articles are from a savy voice, and prospective, and he definitely has a bad case of the Wanderlust.  Check out his new book; The Turk Who Loved Apples: And Other Tales of Losing My Way Around the World, which was released this summer. We like Matt for the urban feel of his blog, as everyone has a little hipster in them.

Wandering Earl

Twitter @wanderingEarl
Followers: 9,545
Bio: Derek’s adventures around the world have led him to over 84 plus countries on six continents in over a decade of wandering and writing. He prefers to focus on the human interactions in travel, as opposed to site seeing, and has been on a resilient journey to keep his nomadic life a float. Some of his popular posts are “How I can afford my life of constant Travel”, “When Tourism Goes Terribly Wrong.”, and “Living Abroad for less than $1000 per month.” Like many of his colleagues, we like Derek for his humanitarian efforts, and his resourcefulness in getting exactly what he wants from world travel and sharing it for the web to see.

501 places

Twitter @andyjarosz
Followers: 16,851
Bio: This former optometrist has focused his eyes on world travel, and has been to over 85 countries in his pursuit to hit 100 before the age of fifty. It’s a safe bet that he will get there. He has been commissioned by BBC Travel, National Geographic Traveller, ABTA Magazine, and Coast Magazine. We like Andy for his non-commercial site, and the tips he offers fellow travel blogging writers.

Gran Tourismo

Lara and Terence
Twitter @gran_tourismo
Followers: 12,255
Bio: “Slow Traveling” Duo, Lauara a former filmaker, and Terence a Musician, are on a consistent grand tour of the world, they focus on travelling like locals, food, learning, sustainability and amazing photography, and have been contributing to the travel world since the late 1980’s. They have visited over 70 countries and contributed to over 60 travel guidebooks, and work consistently with publications like “The Guardian”, “The Independent”, “Wanderlust”, and “National Geographic Traveller”. We like this duo most for their approach to travel by immersion and their diverse backgrounds.

Nerd’s Eye View

Pam Mandel
Twitter @nerdseyeview
Followers: 12,751
Bio: Pam combines her love for travel and writing talents to offer travel information from the modern day nerd’s prospective, or as she puts it the people with the “cool” jobs. She has had her worked published for Conde Nast Traveler, Afar, World Hum and Gadling. According to Pam her husband and she have perfected the art of car camping road trips which they field as often as possible. We like her most for road trip mentality, and not being afraid to make the nerd in all of us acceptable.

Killing Batteries

Leif Pettersen
Twitter @leifpettersen
Followers: 8,768
Bio: To Date Leif, has visited over 48 countries, and is quite simply hilarious in his detailing of the experiences. Other than the fact that he is a lonely planet author, and from Minnesota, His humor is all that needs to be noted, and extremely worth diving into. We like Leif for his humor, humor and more humor.

Hole in the Donut Cultural Travel

Barbara Weibel
Twitter @holeinthedonut
Followers: 11,455
Bio: Barbara took a 6 month sabbatical that has turned into a 6 year constant journey. She has backpacked around the world, and has found the fountain of youth in the process. Her writings focus on the “spirituality” of the inner journey, just as much as the outer journey, and she is a true testament for the living in the now mentality. We like Barbara, because she made the world work for her, instead of her despising the work she was doing for the world.

The Professional Hobo

Nora Dunn
Twitter @hobonora
Followers: 11,167
Bio: Nora has traveled to over 30 countries around the world since 2007, when she exchanged her suit for Hobo Gear, and has been traveling non-stop since. She holds nothing back in her details from the road, and her traveling and financial tips, are top notch. We like Nora because, she has used her finance background to teach others how to finance a “Hobo’s life on the road.

Finding the Universe

Laurence Norah
Twitter @Lozula
Followers: 2,412
Bio: Laurence, a professional career avoider, has spent the last three years hitchhiking around the world, while slowly ditching his corporate ties. His humor filled, care free approach, to travel makes for some real adventurous storytelling, and his photography tips, are extremely useful for the novice, and professional all in the same. We like Laurence because he is the type of guy, which would make any trip worth taking.

Ordinary Traveler

Christy Woodrow and Scott Calafiore
Twitter @ OrdinaryTravelr
Followers 8,543
Bio: This World Surfing Duo has collectively traveled to over 50 countries in pursuit of waves, wild times, and wanderlust fulfillment. Their photographic stories are breathtaking, and their swell searching, has led them to some of the most beautiful places on the planet. They have found there paradise on the road, and are anything but ordinary. We like them, for there swimsuit design, and building a business out of their passion.

Val in Real Life

Twitter @valinreallife
Followers: 1,336
Bio: Val, a former Geologist has taken to the road and the “Granola” lifestyle in pursuit of education for herself and children through experiential and educational travel. She is an outdoor enthusiast and “roadschooling” advocate, who chronicles her adventures of the group known as Camp Granola in a very organic and real approach. We love Val for her “on the road” spirit, and off the beaten path methods to sharing memories with her children as they learn together.

Joshua Berman

Twitter @tranquilotravel
Followers: 4,555
Bio: Joshua is an expert in Central American Travel an Author, of Four Books, Spanish Teacher, Trip Leader, Husband and Father. His Experiences have taken him around the world, and he has seen his work published in the New York Times, Denver Post, National Geographic Traveler and he is currently working on a book that covers his 16 month round the world trip. We like Joshua, for his diverse travel expertise, and his influence on educational and volunteer travel.

Lillie Marshall

Twitter @WorldLillie
Followers: 8,661
Bio: Lillie is a teacher in every sense of the world. As a Boston Public School Teacher and Educational Travel Enthusiast she has travelled the world, typically in the summer, on volunteer programs all the while writing about her experiences, in Cambodia, Japan, Thailand, Vietnam, Ghana, Spain, and Portugal (to name a few). We love Lillie for her educational wanderlust and for the fact that she is trying to influence other educators and teachers to follow in her footsteps. 

Dr. Jessica Voigts

Twitter @WanderingEds
Followers: 8,750
Bio: Dr. Jessica Voigts is the founder of this amazing website that is a community of global educators worldwide sharing their Educational Travel experiences and advice on a wide range of Educational Topics. The WE library is a comprehensive collection of tools and tips on the subjects of international cuisine, accommodations, outdoor adventures, global citizenship, languages, travel planning, and much more. We love the good Doctor, for her ability to bring attention to all things eeducational travel.