why-chillWhat is our role on this planet?
How can we have a positive effect on its future?

These are questions that set the tone for every meaningful Chill Expedition. We create unforgettable educational adventures for students, teachers, and families that are nothing short of life-changing.

With every adventure, our goal is to immerse, educate, and challenge travelers. You’ll come away from your trip with a greater understanding of the human ecosystem and the challenges of sustainability.

Each expedition presents the opportunity to become immersed in a beguiling human ecosystem. Share a meal with a musician-shepherd in the remote mountains of Crete, walk through the Caribbean jungle with a self taught local naturalist in Costa Rica, snorkel with miniature penguins (yes!) in the Galapagos, learn how to make a guitar from scratch in Spain, explore ancient burial caves in Belize, help build a new school building or install a water system in rural Costa Rica, hone your Spanish in the coolest fishing village in all of Spain…these are but a few of the iconic experiences a Chill Expedition offers.

Our distinctive Story Approach and Travel Philosophy combine to enhance your experience in a way no other educational travel provider can. Along the way, our guides excel at those elusive “teachable moments,” which might otherwise have been missed. In the words of a student traveller from Meadowbrook School in Weston, MA: “My eyes have been opened to a greater global understanding.”

Here’s something else that truly sets us apart: Chill Expeditions is teacher-owned. We understand what’s important to teachers and parents when planning an education adventure — and we know how to make it easy and seamless.