Each member of our handpicked team carries a tool-belt of highly honed strategies which elevate every aspect of your experience from initial planning to departure preparation to the field experience itself.

A powerful example of our unique approach is what we call the ten minute conversation – the first tool our guides deploy in the field. Simply, the guides and teachers are charged with having a conversation with every student in the first 48 hours on expedition. The goal is to prompt the student to start talking and the adult listens…that is all. This incredibly simple but intentional strategy makes a dramatic difference for every student’s outcome. At some point each of them relies on that foundation of support provided so intentionally from the outset. We not only execute this, we are actually the only folks in the business who even talk about this! Go with the pros…there are many more tools we have at out disposal which make all the difference in elevating your experience from good to great or even magical! We are not travel agents and we do not do tourism- we are educators every step of the way.

Imagine a travel agent talking to you in advance of your trip and explaining everything you can expect — to set the scene and build anticipation before you even depart for your destination. Hard to imagine, isn’t it? Because most travel firms simply help you plan your itinerary then send you off with a “bon voyage.”

And that brings to light another very distinct advantage of Chill Expeditions. During the planning stage, co-owner Crawford Hill (Chill) gives teachers his provocative “Chill Conversation” describing the impending adventure — to set expectations and ensure that everyone in the group gets the most out of it. As one impressed traveller noted, “You don’t expect to have these [ten-minute] talks with travel companies.”

The Chill Conversation and the attitude it reflects—putting the student’s outcome first—permeates our planning and field expedition culture. Our Expedition Mentality at every step of the way creates a positive vibe which makes a Chill Expedition a memorable and rewarding experience for you as well as your students.