Only Chill Expeditions customizes adventures and provides insights that enhance and change lives.


Teacher Owned
Is teacher-owned, by teachers who have spent lifetimes excelling at experiential education in many settings. Thus, we have special insight into creating educational adventures that routinely exceed the needs, desires and expectations of teachers, students, and families alike.  

We Make it Easy
Understands the diverse school ecosystems our wide array of clients have to navigate with students, parents, communities, colleagues, and administrators – we know best how to get an expedition off the ground and make it easy!

Were previously clients … so we totally get what is is like being in your shoes when planning a trip! We work with teachers every step of the way to minimize hassle!

Has created a team of guides and collaborators – handpicked by owners, Chill and Eddie – that deeply understand how to help teachers meet their travel goals

Has invested a great deal in enhancing our guides’ ability to READ your group and assess what would next best maximize the opportunity in front of the group. This is the most vital guide skill.

Excels at finding and developing relationships with local visionaries whose infectious passion for what they do and how, can change a student’s life.

Chooses destinations and activities that offer the right qualities for ultimate eco-immersion – an interface of mountains, sea, and cultural diversity framed in the most meaningful way for your group.

Expedition Mentality
Approaches trips with an “Expedition Mentality” which infuses each participant with the most positive, “expect anything” attitude that ensures your adventure will be one of the most meaningful experiences of your life.  

Excels at the PACE of an Expedition – so critical to its success.

Value value
Delivers the best spontaneous and intentional “teachable moments” from highly trained guides throughout the experience. These add dramatic value and leverage being there as no other provider can.

Excels at stimulating what we call ‘intellectual adrenaline’ – anyone can trigger physical adrenaline just by being in the places to which we travel, but it takes a deeply honed intentional educational approach executed by inspirational guides to cook up our ‘intellectual adrenaline’.

Focuses on student ownership of the total experience – with a fusion of emotional, physical, and intellectual adrenaline – to create powerful, inspirational, and enduring outcomes.  

Sets the standard in professional guide educational, experiential and especially, safety and risk management training. Chill personally has spent decades mountaineering and risk management has always been his top priority. How safety is executed matters. We take this seriously. Your students are in strong hands with Chill.  

Sets the stage and inspires confidence in each student by deploying a wide array of strategies at the best time, starting with our unique 10-minute conversation with every student at the start of each expedition. These strategies make all the difference in the world!

Understands the balance between enhancing each individuals experience while elevating the entire group’s shared experience. This takes great expertise!  

In the Classroom
Aspires to create educational expeditions totally congruent with the level of excellence at your school. We treat travel as teaching and learning in the best classrooms possible and expect educational outcomes which are nothing less than what you do so well on campus.

Ever since Chill created what became the largest interdisciplinary major at the University of Pennsylvania, BBB – Biological Basis of Behavior, he has been focused on maximizing interdisciplinary leaning through experiential opportunities. Everything we do is interdisciplinary and intermodality – mind, body, spirit! This makes a big difference in outcome.