From the Greek word, oikos. House or Home. Planet Earth is our House and our Home. All living organisms on Earth share this Home. Let’s get to know more of  them and one another better. There are ways to do that which make a huge difference! We have created such a way – Eco Immersion. It is especially well done when based in rural villages, frequently at the intersection of cultural fusion, the sea and mountains – places in which we specialize!


Become immersed in new aspects of your home. Get to know what life is really like in other’s homes, towns, villages, forests, corner stores, craftsmen’s workshops. Eat local foods. Learn where that food comes from and how it gets to the table. Meet some of your planet’s most engaged neighbors who are so passionate about sharing their expertise!

How we do Eco Immersion in the field…

White water rafting with us, for example, is much more than an adventure-filled challenge down a scenic river – emotional and physical adrenaline. We aim to create intellectual adrenaline-We have stories to weave: Indigenous communities co-existing with the river, energy sources and their affects on ecosystems and lifestyles, sustainability challenges, analogous issues in your hometown, and the world as a whole, the politics behind damming rivers, individual choices and their impact… among others!

Follow this day of intellectual and of course physical adrenaline by meeting your guide’s family in the nearby village and spending several days immersed in their world, possibly doing a service project. From school improvement projects to family dinners and wildlife hikes and futbol games, an entirely different, more fun and meaningful experience is created than is possible with other outfits or on your own.

Every Chill Expeditions is unique in that each fascinating day is filled with connections made with your group in mind – a Story which becomes more intricate yet so compellingly experienced that it is understandable, and ultimately more relevant for each student as the days go on. Thus, the greatest possible educational value-add is achieved. We ultimately aim to give students pause about why they do what they do… and what they will next do!

We use small villages as our anchor. Our neighborhood.

Like visiting your uncle who lives abroad. Even when in larger towns and cities, we approach it as many small villages. This approach provides the most powerful Eco Immersion opportunity. This is where real life happens, and that is what we want to share with you. This is authentic travel. Our remarkable network of local visionaries is what especially distinguishes your experience with us. Our unique approach to experiential travel is built upon the Story Approach and the Expedition Mentality. We help you to authentically experience your destination, while supporting the local economy and sustainable initiatives along the way.

We do not do ordinary tourism. We aim to go deeper than the tourist experience. Biology, ecology, genuine community service, language immersion, cultural exchange, conservation, adventure of many kinds, leadership… in real life, these are not distinct but intertwined in intricate ways. In order to better understand our world and an individual’s evolving place in it, we need to understand how these elements are connected in real-life context; one that we can relate to and that helps us to gain perspective. This doesn’t mean providing the most facts, but rather connecting what we learn in context. We are masters of creating meaningful context – this is the heart of The Story Approach!

The Story Approach itself is firmly embedded in our Expedition Mentality approach which aims to create the best possible culture of this expedition which enhances the experience for each individual and for the group as a whole. Our guides deploy an array of behavioral strategies to bring out the best in kids.

This is Eco Immersion, Chill Expeditions style.


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