Our guides purposely present information in a story style that is easily grasped and thoughtfully calibrated to each group’s age level and background. We are careful not to overwhelm clients with information, rather we use our unique Story Approach to provide context and meaning, connecting all of the diverse elements you experience. To this end, we utilize our time-honed Expedition Mentality to build the most positive and meaningful on-trip culture possible. We are always aware of the totality of the experience and how we can help all of the elements link together in the most relevant way.

Our guides are superb at finding memorable “teachable moments” – deftly connecting what you’ve seen to what lies ahead. Ultimately, what you learn will have an impact on your life going forward. We empower each individual to take ownership of his or her own story that results from this experience, and make it something that will endure for a lifetime. We aim to go beyond learning and create an education!

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